In October, Posti announced a new clean vehicle roadmap, including a plan to introduce thousands of new electric, biogas, and hydrogen vehicles within the next eight years. By the end of last year, Posti already had more than 200 electric vans and will purchase 100 more this year.

Now, one concrete change made possible by the increasing number of electric vehicles is the extension of parcel delivery using fully electric cars not only in Helsinki but also in Espoo, Vantaa, and a large part of Turku  (postal code 20 area) and Tampere (postal code 33 area). 

In 2021, Posti launched an operating model where the parcel recipient receives an exact time and real-time map tracking of their delivery. Simultaneously, the company started to do deliveries with accurate delivery time and map tracking with 100% electric vehicles. Now this delivery by electric vehicles is being extended to the areas mentioned above.    

All the electricity used by Posti is renewable, so home delivery of parcels by electric delivery vehicles is entirely fossil-free. During the busiest weeks of the Christmas period, or in the event of equipment breakdowns, for example, home deliveries may exceptionally have to be made by means other than electric vehicles. In this case, renewable diesel would be used. 

"We are investing significantly in new fossil-free electric, biogas, and hydrogen vehicles. We don't want to talk about low emissions in general terms but prefer to talk about when a distribution system can be genuinely and demonstrably made completely fossil-free. Now we can say so for parcels delivered to homes in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, and Tampere, which we are particularly happy about," says Posti's Sustainability Director Noomi Jägerhorn. 

Posti is committed to transporting completely fossil-free, including subcontracted transport, by 2030. Even before then, the share of completely fossil-free transport will grow rapidly, and the home delivery of parcels is a good example of this. For all its activities, Posti promises to be net-zero by 2040. Post's net-zero emissions target was endorsed by SBTi as the first logistics company in the world to do so. 

Source: Posti