Sustainable letter and parcel delivery in Hasselt is to be extended from two to five suburbs of the city. Zero-emission deliveries will now be made to inhabitants of Kermt / Spalbeek, Stevoort and Kuringen / Stokrooie.

Hasselt became the first Ecozone in Limburg at the beginning of this year. Postwomen and men deliver letters and parcels in the city in a sustainable way using electric cars and bikes with trailers. The green fleet has grown in recent months, enabling Kermt / Spalbeek, Kuringen / Stokrooie and Stevoort to be added to the Ecozone, which initially encompassed Hasselt, Sint-Lambrechts-Herk and Wimmertingen. It means that an additional 24,000 inhabitants of Greater Hasselt can enjoy the benefits of zero-emission letter and parcel delivery.

Inhabitants have responded positively to Ecozones, which clearly improve their quality of life. The use of zero-emission cars reduces air pollution substantially, while other benefits include less road congestion and less noise.

Says Stella Segers, Fleet Manager at the Hasselt Mail Centre: “We recently took receipt of a number of new vehicles. These electric cars allow more postwomen and men to do their rounds emission-free. We are expecting delivery of another 30 or so vehicles, at which point all rounds from our delivery office will be electric. That includes zero-emission journeys to the neighbouring municipalities of Alken, Diepenbeek, Hoeselt, Kortessem and Wellen.”
“As a city we are naturally delighted with this bpost initiative,” says Marc Schepers, transport portfolio holder in Hasselt. “Hasselt aspires to be a model city for sustainable delivery, so this initiative fits in perfectly with our policy goals.” Schepers is well aware of the many benefits of sustainable delivery. “The e-bikes reduce the number of cars in our city centre, which makes it more liveable, safe and hospitable. The exclusive use of zero-emission cars also contributes to better air quality, creating a healthier environment for our inhabitants.”

The extensive network of pick-up points also offers customers a good alternative to pick up their parcels in the neighbourhood in a sustainable way, by bike or on foot. bpost is set to deliver letters and parcels emission-free to inhabitants of 25 key cities, including Hasselt, by 2025.

Source: bpost