In Belgium bpost continues to invest in an eco-responsible fleet. The postal company has reached the symbolic milestone of one thousand e-vans. The thousandth electric van was delivered to the Namur delivery centre today. The number of e-vans in the bpost fleet is increasing all the time, alongside LPG trucks, double-deck trucks and e-bikes with and without trailer.

1000! That’s the number of electric vans bpost runs in Belgium. That figure is clear proof of bpost’s hard work to transition to a more eco-friendly fleet and achieve zero-emission last-mile deliveries across the board by 2030.

More than 40% of the total fleet is now 100% eco-responsible. All told, bpost runs no fewer than 6,700 electric vehicles and bikes. But there’s more. Because the transition continues: more than 600 e-vans are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2023.

Most of the e-vans are run by the delivery centres in the provinces of Antwerp, Liege and Brussels. The first e-van was delivered to the bpost parking lot in Mons in June 2018 as part of a pilot project. It proved so successful that it was soon adopted as the standard.

“bpostgroup aims to be a leader in sustainability,” says interim bpostgroup CEO Philippe Dartienne. “On average we transport and deliver almost 540,000 parcels and 5.5 million letters per day. We are conscious of the fact that this has a considerable impact on our planet. Customers demand fast, efficient delivery and we make it a point of honour to meet this challenge, without sacrificing the ecological aspects.” .
Group-level investments
bpostgroup is working on other sustainability plans in Belgium and elsewhere:

Major ongoing investments to expand the green fleet. The fleet is currently supplemented by more than 5500 bikes, which are mainly used in urban areas. 49 eco-responsible (LPG) trucks crisscross the highways and byways of Belgium.
Ecozones, delivery zones characterised by their own pick-up point network (post offices, parcel lockers, post points and more) and zero-emission deliveries by a fleet of green vehicles.
Solar panels covering a total surface area of more than 43,000 sqm are installed on the roofs of our buildings. All told, they produce more than 7300 Mwh/year of electricity. That is equivalent to the annual consumption of 1650 households. Similar initiatives have been taken abroad: In 2022 Radial installed 475,555 sqm of solar panels on the roof of its fulfilment centre in Rialoto, California. Active Ants has also installed solar panels.
LED lighting. Energy-intensive lighting has been replaced by LED at the sorting centres, post offices, delivery centres and Stamp Production Belgium in Mechelen.
Parcel pick-ups during delivery rounds.
Taking back small electric household appliances in partnership with Recupel.

Source: bpost