By pursuing an ambitious climate agenda and offering sustainable delivery options, PostNord aims to be the obvious choice for e-commerce customers and consumers in the Nordic region. PostNord’s e-commerce logistics in Sweden have now been given the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. That is a first in the sector.

Independent third-party labeling with stringent requirements
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the Nordic region’s official environmental label. It verifies that logistics suppliers meet strict requirements regarding climate and environmental performance and energy efficiency, and offer working conditions that comply with collective agreements or the equivalent. The labeling includes 20 criteria regarding the carrier’s entire logistics network. This means that not only PostNord’s own fleet of vehicles is included, but also the fleets of our transport suppliers. More information about the criteria is available on the Nordic Swan website.

PostNord goes even further
In some areas, PostNord Sweden is going even further than is required by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. For example, the requirement is that 10 percent of new heavy vehicles must be electric or gas-powered – at PostNord 100 percent of new vehicles bought by the company must run on electricity or biogas.

Part of an ambitious climate agenda

Ambitious climate efforts are not new at PostNord – our first climate target was defined for 2006–2010. We are now working fully in line with a Group-wide agenda for sustainable logistics. The overarching goal is achieving fossil-freedom by 2030.
By choosing PostNord, you contribute to the climate transition for transport and logistics operations in Sweden and the Nordic region. But although a large-scale transition cannot be achieved overnight, PostNord is pleased to already now offer customers and consumers in Sweden Nordic Swan Ecolabel e-commerce logistics, with better climate performance and high energy efficiency.

PostNord helped define the criteria for e-commerce logistics
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel for e-commerce logistics was launched in spring 2023, based on comprehensive development work. PostNord Group and other industry participants actively helped define the criteria.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel delivery available at checkouts
As of now, e-retailers in Sweden can choose to offer Nordic Swan Ecolabel deliveries with PostNord at their checkouts. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is also visible in PostNord’s app. Read more on PostNord Sweden’s website. The aim is to offer Nordic Swan Ecolabel deliveries to PostNord customers and consumers in more countries in the Nordic region.

PostNord’s agenda for sustainable logistics
PostNord’s Group-wide agenda for sustainable logistics is based on commitments and targets in the areas of climate, people, and diversity. PostNord has a Group-wide program in place with the aim of undergoing a transition in line with the Paris Agreement, and the Group’s climate targets have been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. PostNord has defined two intermediate targets on the path to achieving fossil-freedom by 2030: reducing carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2025 and achieving zero emissions from last mile transport by 2027 at the latest.

Source: PostNord