Geopost unveiled three new sustainability-driven innovations at VivaTech in Paris this week, including the “first-ever” solar-powered locker, an autonomous mobile locker and a new hands-free scanning solution for frontline workers in its depots.

The solar-powered locker has been launched in France by Geopost’s out-of-home (OOH) network operator Pickup. The locker is equipped with batteries to store renewable energy and can operate for up to 10 days without sunlight. The solution can also help reduce the electricity bills of Geopost’s partner retailers as it consumes less energy than its “standard counterparts,” the firm noted.

With 250 lockers already installed throughout France, Pickup aims to have 1,000 lockers by the end of 2024.

Autonomous mobile locker

The new DPD Locker robots, which have been developed by DPD UK, can make up to eight deliveries as well as travel to predetermined public locations where they can be used as a drop-off point for consumer returns. The robots are equipped with 360° scanning capability and 12 cameras for added security, as well as a loudspeaker for additional alerts. “With this solution, DPD UK is revolutionising last-mile delivery and providing a more sustainable tool that will contribute to decarbonising the logistics industry as a whole,” the company noted.

Hands-free scanning

Meanwhile, to simplify parcel sorting and moving processes, DPD Switzerland has deployed a new scanning solution for frontline workers in seven of its depots. The newly developed ProGlove device allows workers to combine the scanning and sorting processes thanks to a hands-free barcode scanner. This innovation is significantly reducing the number of handling operations, according to Geopost, thereby increasing efficiency and comfort for team members. Parcel processing time, for example, has been reduced by 75% thanks to this innovation.

Source: CEP-Research