Poste Italiane saw revenue growth for almost all business divisions in 2021, driving a more than 6% increase in total revenue for the year.

Parcels was the strongest driver for growth, accounting for more than a third of the close to €700m increase in total revenue. B2C service demand, resulting from continued e-commerce expansion during the pandemic, was the primary driver for segment growth. B2C parcel volumes grew by just over a fifth in the year. To meet demand, Poste Italiane expanded its PUDO network, adding more than 2,700 new points in 2021.


Increased business activity resulted in a recovery in mail volumes for the post in 2021, with total volumes increasing 12.2% in the year. Performance for its postal division was also boosted by the integration of leading mail market competitor Nexive, acquired early in the year. For more details download the latest IPC Carrier Intelligence Report for Poste Italiane.


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