This is the latest issue of Market Flash, IPC’s bi-weekly newsletter providing a comprehensive look at new developments emerging in international postal industry. We have introduced some changes to the layout and content of IPC Flashes in order to provide you with a more compelling distillation of developments in the postal sector. Starting with this edition of Market Flash, we will incorporate our e-Commerce, direct marketing and sustainability publications – previously released seperately as E-commerce Flash, Direct Marketing Flash and Green Flash – in the Market Flash as special editions. These special editions will include an additional section with in-depth content on those specific themes. In terms of frequency of publication, each special edition will be published every three months. You can expect a special edition at the end of each month. This edition includes a special on e-Commerce, a growing market which offers postal and logistics operators many new growth opportunities. This e-Commerce section includes in-depth articles on ongoing developments in the postal sector, adding more analysis to the Market Flash. Some of the stories featured in the special include the e-Commerce partnership between Australia Post and New Zealand Post, and the collaboration between DPD UK and clothing retailer ASOS.