The International Post Corporation (IPC) presents the results of the enlarged UNEX Monitoring System European member Postal operators of IPC have worked together since 1994 on a common methodology and common service standards for measuring their end-to-end postal quality of service, for cross-border international priority/first class letter mail, from time of posting to time of delivery. They implemented the UNipost EXternal Monitoring System - UNEX - as one their initiatives to improve quality of service for international mail customers. It provides the data needed to improve and maintain high service levels. As of 2005, the UNEX measurement has expanded from 18 to 29 countries to include the national postal operators of the Member States that joined the European Union in May 2004 (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovak Republic and Slovenia) and one EU Accession country, Romania.