2014 was a very good year, with positive results despite continued difficult economic conditions. This is to the credit of the thousands of bpost employees who devote themselves to serving customers on a daily basis. We warmly thank and congratulate them! All figures improved in 2014: on a normalized basis consolidated turnover rose from EUR 2,428.6 million in 2013 to EUR 2,464.7 million in 2014 (+1.5%), EBITDA from EUR 536.9 million to EUR 572.0 million (+6.6%), EBIT from EUR 436.1 million to EUR 480.2 million (+10.1%), and the consolidated net profit from EUR 273.3 million to EUR 295.5 million (+8.1%). The net profit of parent company bpost SA/NV, which is the basis for the dividend calculation, rose from EUR 248.2 million to EUR 296.9 million.