The Japan Post Group delivered respectable performance. Net ordinary income rose to ¥1,225 billion, an increase of ¥48.2 billion, and net income reached ¥562.7 billion on a consolidated basis, up ¥93.8 billion over the previous year. Japan Post was newly launched on October 1, 2012, as a result of the merger of Japan Post Service and Japan Post Network. The postal service business registered net operating income of ¥37.4 billion, representing a large increase of ¥59.7 billion over the previous year and marking the first profit in three years. Although mail volumes decreased, intensified sales efforts and cost reductions Review of the Year ended March 31, 2013 Japan Post Group Overview Dedicated to Providing the Public with the Best Possible Services Dedicated to Becoming an Even More Trustworthy Group contributed to improving profitability. The postal network business recorded net operating income of ¥27.2 billion, thanks to good collaboration with the Japan Post Group companies. JP Tower, a skyscraper with 38 floors above ground, has become a new landmark in the Marunouchi district near Tokyo Station, and the tower’s KITTE commercial complex opened in March 2013.