Group operating income totaled SEK –124m (–1,083). In all, income takes into account items affecting comparability of SEK –462m (–1,583). Item affecting comparability in 2017 consist in their entirety of provisions for termination of employment of personnel with special employment conditions in Denmark. Pending the European Commission’s decision on the financing arrangement for the restructuring program in Denmark, no further terminations of employment for personnel with special employment conditions will take place. On that basis, full provision for the program is not recognized in 2017. The items affecting comparability for the preceding year consisted primarily of impairment losses of SEK 1,186m on goodwill and property, plant and equipment related to the Danish business, and of the disposal of Strålfors’ non-Nordic businesses. The Group’s adjusted operating income was SEK 338m (500) for the full year. Growth in eCommerce & Logistics and ongoing cost adjustments failed to fully compensate for the considerably lower sales of products impacted by digitization.