In FY2018, our total revenue, including interest and investment income was $70.8 billion and total expenses, including interest expense, were $74.7 billion, resulting in a net loss of $3.9 billion. This was $1.3 billion less than the $5.2 billion net loss planned in the FY2018 IFP. The lower-than-anticipated net loss was primarily due to a $700 million decrease in FERS and CSRS unfunded liabilities payable to OPM caused by actuarial changes to assumptions and $1.4 billion of favorable non-cash adjustments to our workers’ compensation liability, primarily arising from higher interest (discount) rates. For FY2018, we had a controllable loss of $2.0 billion, compared to our planned controllable loss of $1.4 billion. This result was primarily attributable to higher-than-expected compensation and benefit expenses and transportation costs.