Operating revenues rose 4.9% year on year, to ¥1,538.8 billion. In addition to an increase in the TA-Q-BIN unit price, this rise was due to our efforts to enhance existing services in non-delivery businesses, which leveraged the strengths of each Group company, and the active promotion of solution-based sales. These positive factors helped offset the decrease in TA-Q-BIN delivery volume that followed the promotion of “Structural Reform in the Delivery Business.” Operating profit was up 2.3%, to ¥35.6 billion, as growth in operating revenues outpaced increases in operating expenses. This growth helped outweigh such factors as an increase in labor costs, including those for outsourcing our workforce, which occurred in conjunction with a rise in TA-Q-BIN delivery volume in the first half of the fiscal year and efforts to reduce employee workloads. As a result, profit attributable to owners of parent increased 1.0%, to ¥18.2 billion, while ROE edged down 0.1 of a percentage point, to 3.3%.