As the global economy picks up and digital connectivity grows, opportunities abound. In an increasingly fast-paced, complex and competitive world, postal operators are adopting clear strategies to optimise core mail operations, grow the parcels business and diversify into new growth markets.

The world has changed dramatically over the last decade: digitisation has fundamentally altered how people communicate, smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life, and billions of devices are now interconnected. This has caused a major structural shift in the postal industry: letter mail volume has declined, e-commerce has boosted global parcels volume, and competition has intensified as new and existing players vie for a greater share of liberalised markets.

The parcel delivery market has become particularly vibrant: consumers are demanding free and fast delivery, e-retail giants are wielding greater market power, and global integrators are muscling in on B2C delivery. Leveraging trusted brands, strong expertise and nationwide networks, postal operators are looking to grow their share of both domestic and cross-border markets.

Now in its tenth edition, the annual IPC Global Postal Industry Report continues to track industry developments. Covering 50 postal operators from Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and BRICS countries, as well as global integrators UPS and FedEx, the report is split into two sections: Part One looks at overall industry performance, while Part Two provides an in-depth analysis of the corporate and business unit performance across posts.

The report aims to deepen understanding about key trends shaping the postal industry, track how the sector is performing overall, and allow stakeholders to benchmark the performance of individual posts both against their peers and the industry average. While looking at the various strategies posts and their competitors are adopting to adjust to changing market dynamics, the report also focuses on key performance indicators, including revenue, profitability, investment and efficiency metrics, as well as monitoring volume and price trends across mail and parcels segments.

Throughout the report, the In Focus and Spotlight On sections provide further insight into emerging trends including privatisation, regulatory change, cross-border e-commerce, crowd-sourced delivery, reverse logistics, and recent moves by integrators FedEx and UPS and e-retailers Amazon and Alibaba.

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