Increase stamp sales, customer experience, and branding for postal services and especially the traditional postcard sending which was on the decline.


The idea was to combine the digital and physical in a convenient way. An app for creating, addressing and sending a physical postcard was chosen as solution for five main reasons.

  • Fast
    Postcards will be delivered quickly, since they are printed and sent in the recipient’s country
  • Easy
    Postcard creation is very simple and enables people of all ages to send more postcards
  • Creative
    Customers can personalize their postcard with their photos and unique brand designs 
  • Cost Effective
    Cost is the same or cheaper compared to a regular postcard, depending on the recipient’s country
  • Time Effective
    Digital approach saves customers lots of time compared to the regular postcard sending process


MyPostcard helped generate €1M+ in net revenue (primarily stamps) for postal providers in 2018. The majority of this revenue went to the postal operator in Germany.