In order to reactivate existing customers, LOTTO Hessen sent out individualised print mailings. For this, the lottery provider used the managed service of Deutsche Post. 


The birthday campaign was about surprising existing customers with a greeting card combined with a discount code. Since several customers had to be written to every day, it was important to automate the dispatch of the postcards in order to keep the effort as low as possible.


The campaign relied on a highly personalised approach. The maxi postcard in the look of LOTTO Hessen contained an individual code and a call to action. Birthday boys and girls who stopped by the sales outlets received a 10% discount. Success was measured by redeeming the individual voucher codes. 
Since the company has not previously worked with any marketing automation partner, the campaign was implemented using Deutsche Post's managed service. LOTTO Hessen provided a list with all campaign data as well as the finished layouts. Deutsche Post took over the complete set-up and customisation. The postcards were then automatically generated, printed and sent. The advantages for LOTTO Hessen - no technical effort and little organisational effort required. 


  • The response rate was a strong 20%
  • About 5% of the customers contacted generated more sales after the campaign than before.