In order to reactivate existing customers and to advertise a health subscription, Dr. Johanna Budwig GmbH, provider of health products from Germany, used mail campaign for the first time. In combination with the latest state of health research, various Dr. Johanna Budwig products are developed that are tailored to individual health requirements. They are designed to be both healthy and tasty. The products are sold through mail order and health food stores. The target group are predominantly health-conscious women over 40 years of age.


The “Fit for Spring” campaign was about activating existing customers who had bought in the past six months and have not since made a follow-up purchase. In addition, the subscription model should be advertised. Since the company had no experience in the field of direct marketing, it obtained information in advance from Deutsche Post. The CMC Dialogpost study provided important findings.


During the campaign, Dr. Johanna Budwig addressed 5,000 customers who had ordered for the first time in the past six months and have not since then. The letters were sent out at the beginning of the year and were based on the fact that many people start the new year with health-related resolutions.

In the letter, which was sent in a neutral envelope, Dr. Johanna Budwig GmbH explained the subscription model. The homepage was specified as the return channel for orders. A separate landing page has also been set up for the subscription model. The campaign was precisely evaluated thanks to a voucher code that was used.


  • The conversion rate was 6%
  • 10% of the customers have also opted for a subscription


“After these positive experiences, we are already planning further follow-up campaigns with print mailings. The focus is then on acquiring new customers with the help of address management solutions"

said Dörte Otte, Head of Marketing at Dr. Johanna Budwig GmbH.