iClothing is one of the fastest growing online fashion retailers in Ireland. They were looking for ways to reduce abandoned carts and to increase conversion.


In early 2021, they worked closely with An Post on a programmatic direct mail campaign trial. Based on their clients' browsing history, a retargeted, personalised direct mail is then triggered and sent to them when they fall out of the sales-funnel. This, in turn, encourages the customer to complete the conversion while it increases the efficiency of media budgets through minimised wastage and maximised sales. An Post integrated the needed technology onto iClothing’s site that would enable the identification of abandoned baskets, the customers address, the products browsed and product recommendations based on other items the customer might be interested in to encourage purchase on a second or third occasion.


  • 39% of mailed sales in the month was wholly attributable to Programmatic DM
  • Basket recovery rate was 20% and the ROI was 5:1 - €5 for every €1


“Customers are moving even further into the online world. And while digital media can be super effective to reach them, in today’s climate, customers are missing a touch of the real world. Unlike email, social or online display re-targeting, Direct Mail is not a heavily saturated channel and it is the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customer in a highly personalised, unexpected way,” said Jan Keating, Product and Digital Lead, An Post Commerce.

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