The Bierothek® entered the market in 2014 with its first branch in Bamberg and today offers 300 different craft beers from all over the world in each of its 17 stationary Bierothek® branches in Germany and Austria (as of: 04/2022). In the online shop, beer enthusiasts can even choose from over 500 different beer specialties. The beverage retailer Bierothek used the print mailing for its 2021 Christmas campaign for the fourth time. The goal was to emphasize the broad spectrum of the range - from cask-aged beer brandy to family gift sets with unusual varieties - and to bring about a sales push in the active customer base.


 As a special incentive, a 10% discount voucher and a free beer as a gift for the next purchase were placed.  As part of the campaign, the Bierothek addressed 10,000 existing customers. The target group was selected according to the RFM score - the customers are classified according to the aspects "When did he or she make the last purchase?" (Recency), "How often did he or she make a purchase?" (Frequency) and "How how much revenue did he or she generate?” (Monetary) ranked.


The campaign confirmed the print mailing as a central asset in the media mix. A total of 1,016 purchases took place. The conversion rate was a strong 9.5%. Therefore, the Bierothek decided to focus even more on the print mailing in the future.