Mandatory communications are often dry, difficult to understand and don't make you feel like a valued customer. And when they are about changes to your terms and conditions they often feel like they are written for lawyers, not customers. The UK bank TSB was about to change that with mail.


While other banks keep their T&Cs unemotional, TSB wanted to make theirs warm and easy to understand. Behavioural economics, guidance from Fairer Finance and customer research, helped to humanise and simplify a dry and confusing subject.

TSB reduced, chunked and focused the copy of this mandatory mailing. They ensured every word, sentence and paragraph was as easy to read and as informative as it could be, and true to TSB's "neighbourly" tone, removing jargon and bank speak and clearly explaining the changes and what they meant for the customer. Brand illustrations and icons were used throughout the document to help people easily navigate a normally complicated document.

The mailing and matching emails collected the changes into three sections:

  1. Things that will make banking better
  2. Things that will change how you bank
  3. Other things you need to know about


TTSB positively shifted brand perception and gained positive feedback and praise from their customers. 82% of customers agreed it was easy to understand the changes. Proof that they had hit the mark came when TSB received their first thank you letter ever for a T&Cs document.

Source: DMA Entry via