iExit Interstate Exit Guide, much like TripAdvisor, is a free app that is trusted by thousands of travelers to guide them to the best stops on US interstate roads. Travelers can open the app and discover what exit to take to fuel up, get food, or find lodging for the night. iExit was looking to acquire new customers and its challenge was engaging and connecting with local businesses to make them aware of iExit and the advertising opportunity. 


After the initial success of the postcard campaign and extensive A/B testing, iExit now uses intelligent direct mail (in partnership with Lob) to send hyper-local and personalized direct mail letters to businesses within a certain radius of interstate exits across the country. The iExit team sent out almost 64,000 mailers and signed on hundreds of new customers for the exit sponsorship program. 


It generated over almost $30,000 in profit from the direct mail campaign. They saw a 40% increase in users claiming their business listing on the app, and a 60% increase in purchased sponsorships when sending a two-page letter. The new format not only increased sales, but it also drastically cut down on customer support time by proactively providing the information customers needed. On top of that, thanks to address verification, Lob were ablee to save 12% on the campaign budget.