Market ■ Belgium
Medium ■ Unaddressed mail
Date ■ 2013


Bpost wanted to increase its relatively small (15%) share of the Belgian unaddressed mail market through measures other than significant price reductions. Through an external panel, bpost determined that its distribution quality was 97% compared to 67% for competitors, in part due to its mail carriers uniquely delivering to every house in Belgium. bpost aimed to reposition its offer based on this, and allow customers to receive annual contract prices for their first mailings.


Bpost was successful in conveying its superior service quality to clients. Aldi, for example, signed up despite bpost's higher price per item compared to competitors. An ROI calculator and external quality panel helped to justify Aldi's decision. The repositioned offer increased price and volume by 50%, created pride among the salesforce, and boosted market share to 20%.

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