Client ■ IKEA
Industry ■ Retail
Media used ■ Direct mail, web
Target audience ■
Date ■ October 2016
Country ■ Sweden
Agency ■ LIDA


IKEA wanted to drive some of their most valued FAMILY members to a website, where they could download a £5 voucher if they chose to opt in to email communications. Data suggested that they became even more valuable when they were opted in to both mail and email. This was especially true of the highest value segment within IKEA FAMILY.


In response to the challenge to "send an email with no email address", the first fabric cross-stitched email was mailed out to this select group. Designed to show how much they were appreciated, it also was intended to show how different IKEA was to other retailers. The aspiration of the piece was that recipients would see it as a keepsake when it would become a permanent reminder of the role IKEA played in their home-making.

The Home Sweet Hem sampler featured a unique URL prompting recipients to go online, update their details and receive a £5 coupon to use in-store.