Client ■ Latcham Direct
Industry ■ Not-for-profit
Media used ■ Direct mail postcards, email, pURL
Target audience ■
259 existing clients
Date ■ Dec 2014


Latcham Direct delivers digital print, tailored marketing and customer communication solutions to the private and public sector. Latcham Direct wanted a Christmas campaign sent to their current clients to thank them for using their services and welcome them into the festive period as well as showcasing a highly personalised cross media campaign which would be engaging for the client. They also wanted to make their clients aware of Latcham Direct’s charitable donations at Christmas and enable them to participate in choosing the beneficiaries. To those who responded, Latcham Direct promised to donate £10 to a local good cause that each client could select. Additionally, each respondent could select and receive a personalised “thank you” gift.


The challenge was to make clients aware of the company’s charitable donations and increase clients’ loyalty.


The Cross Media Campaign began with a personalised direct mail Greetings Card displaying an image of a snowman holding a sign engraved with the client’s name. Inside the card was a PURL which directed the client to a personalised Christmas landing page, giving them the option to choose from one of three charities to which Latcham Direct would donate on their behalf. The clients additionally had the option to choose one of three gifts to receive which would be delivered by one of the sales team. The secondary gifts offered were a personalised box of chocolates, a personalised handmade icing snowman and a calendar featuring personalised images of the client’s name on every month of the year. On the personalised landing page, the client was asked to enter a URN into the box in order to be able to choose a charity for Latcham to donate to. This URN was found on an additional smaller card inside the greeting card. This way Latcham was able to track which client wished to donate to which charity and to lock the database record to prevent the URN being used again.


The response rate was 59% and Latcham’s sales team hand delivered the personalised gifts enabling them to discuss the campaign and any opportunities it generated. The company’s cross media solutions were showcased to all clients and a number of enquires and potential projects were received as a result of this engaging and innovative Christmas Campaign.