Advertiser ■ Royal Mail
Industry ■ Postal
Media used ■ digital, print, out of home (OOH), direct mail
Target group ■ N/A
Date ■ 2015

In 2015, Royal Mail published its insightful report Private Life of Mail based on an 18-month series of research and to promote it, the postal operator launched a sophisticated campaign that included different media such as mail, email and video. The most important stakeholders identified in the campaign were sent a comprehensive direct mail package which included a personalised letter, a copy of the printed report and a built-in LCD screen. Using the screen, recipients were able to watch a speech given by Royal Mail’s CEO and learn more about the research and the campaign itself.

The MailMen campaign targeted clients, media planning and buying agencies. Featuring five industry executives, including MediaCom chief executive (CEO) Karen Blackett, the campaign promotes Royal Mail MarketReach’s research programme which gives insight into the role of mail in people's homes and the impact this has on advertisers' ROI.

Access the Private Life of Mail report here.