Client ■ Brick Gym
Industry ■ Sports
Media used ■ Direct mail, web
Target audience ■ new clients
Date ■ February 2016
Country ■ the US
Agency ■ BBDO New York


Brick is a small US gym network, with locations in major cities like New York, Boston and LA. Like all gyms, it suffers from a high drop-off activity rate among members: about 80% of those who join a gym in January quit by June, and only about 50% attend regularly as their initial enthusiasm wanes or they fail to reach their intended fitness targets.


Brick wanted its users to maintain their memberships, and remain motivated to reach their fitness goals. Secondary objective was to attract new members.


When they joined Brick, new members were mailed a nesting doll. They get a different doll set depending on their sex and fitness goals – ie. losing weight, bulking up or preparing for a triathlon. The dolls were designed by different artists.

The dolls – so-called 'fit' nesting dolls – get consecutively thinner without losing much height, effectively an incentive to keep going with the gym routine. Each doll set carries a flash drive with the new member's five-month fitness plan, and each doll within the set represents a stage in that plan.

Brick set up a website to show the dolls (, and where members could share their stories.


The doll mailing seems to be an effective way to give members the support and motivation they need to hit their fitness targets and stay active subscribers of the gym for longer.