Type of campaign - brand recognition
Channel - e-commerce / direct mail
Country - Sweden
Sector - Fashion
Client - Uniforms for the Dedicated


  • Swedish menswear brand Uniforms for the Dedicated wanted to establish their credentials as a brand that stood for sustainability and social responsibility by setting the standards for the rest of the Swedish fashion industry. The task was to influence brands and consumers by taking a practical stand for sustainability.
  • The idea was that whenever a Swedish consumer bought a new garment, he/she could donate something old at the same time. The mechanic that made this possible was the shopping bag. By turning it inside out, the rag bag turned into a pre-paid envelope that allowed shoppers to make a donation easily. All they had to do was remove the strip, seal the package and post it to the charity of their choice, UNICEF or Save the Children. This is a brilliant idea especially in the fashion sector which has been under pressure for its unsustainable practices lately.




Source: https://bpost.media/cases/how-to-establish-a-brand-that-stands-for-sustainability-and-social-responsibility/