There are different ways to use direct mail along with digital marketing channels, and your decisions will be based on the needs of your business. Here are some options: 


With online advertising (banners, paid ads)

You can add direct mail to encourage specific online behaviours, such as returning to abandoned carts, or to reinforce your digital promotions. Multiple touchpoints can help you close sales.

With paid social media

Direct mail can help bring your message to target audiences who haven’t embraced social media, or who block or choose to ignore advertising on these platforms. It can complement your social media page and ads by providing a tangible reminder of your brand.

With email

You can use direct mail to build your list of email subscribers by creating a call to action to sign up for your newsletter. Make the most of the channel to send reminders and fulfill email offers like coupons, information packages, catalogues, etc.

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You can even use direct mail to drive prospects online for research, where SEM kicks in to shift prospects from “desire” to “close.” So how do you make the most of this physical-digital opportunity to execute an integrated campaign? Start by eliminating your silos, and pay attention to sequencing, because research shows that sequencing matters.

What should you test?

When you decide to do testing in the next direct mail campaign, change only one element at a time (format, creative or offer). This way you can clearly identify what works best. Below we list the most popular pairs of elements to be tested.


  • Self-mailer vs. outer envelope (OE/Letter)
  • Oversize vs. standard
  • Dimensional vs. standard
  • Buckslip (an extra insert) vs. no buckslip
  • Postcard vs. Outer Envelope/Letter


  • Price terms
  • Time limit
  • Free
  • Value add
  • % discount vs. $ off


  • Short copy vs. long copy
  • Augmented reality
  • Media integration and sequencing
  • Messaging
  • Response mechanism
  • Call to action

Boosting response rates


Use a partner for your next DM campaign

You can go about creating a direct mail campaign yourself but – just like with any other channel – all the different moving pieces of a successful campaign can just drag you away from managing your business. Working with a partner to set up and execute the campaign has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Target the right prospects and optimise an existing list
  • Develop creative that drives consumer attention, emotional engagement and brand recall
  • Better integrate your marketing mix so you can create consistent messages across all channels
  • Make sure your campaign looks local even if you are targeting an audience from a different country
  • Ensure your mailing meets all print and processing requirements
Source: Canada Post, Royal Mail, IPC analysis