Danish consumers' media preferences misunderstood

The “Strength of the letter 2014” study wasbrevets2 conducted for the third time on behalf of Post Danmark by market research agency Wilke A/S. It studied Danes’ relation to communications from companies - through physical letter, electronic letter via e-Boks compared with email, web, SMS and social media. Secondly, Danish companies were asked how they think the Danes prefer and respond to communications from them. The results, for the third year in a row, show that the discrepancies in what the Danish people prefer and what the businesses think they prefer are large.

According to the study, direct mail gives a much higher chance of response (53%) when compared to email (23%). This is of great importance especially when invoices, bills or renewal offers are considered where switching to digital communication only could mean direct loses to businesses.

Below you can find some key facts and insights from the study:

Key Facts:

  • 78% of Danes check their mailbox every day
  • 63% of young people respond to direct mail
  • 60% of young people feel valued when they get a letter
  • 55% of Danes think that direct mail is the medium that best captures their attention
  • 32% of respondents think that physical mail is the best medium to get attention
  • 55% believe that the physical mail is the medium that gives the best impression of the sender
  • 58% believe that direct mail is the most appropriate medium for important information

Key Insights:

  • Young people love getting physical mail
  • The Danes open, read and respond to direct mail
  • Direct mail is the preferred medium for creating and nurturing relationships 
Access the full report (in Danish) here