An insightful study by Ipsos NZ was released in 2014 on advertising channels, including unaddressed and addressed mail. The key objective of the study was to understand how New Zealand’s public thinks and acts in regards to readership, behaviour and attitudes regarding the main advertising channels, linkages between letterbox marketing and online browsing / purchases, digital devices being used, the form and function of letterbox marketing materials.

Key findings of the study are presented below. 

When is mail read?

  • Returning from the letterbox 15% (unaddressed) 16% (addressed)
  • As soon as you get inside 27% (unaddressed) 66% (addressed)

How is mail read?

  • Standing up 43% (unaddressed) 35% (addressed)
  • Sitting down to read through properly 55%(unaddressed) 71% (addressed)

Unaddressed mail

  • Helps 74% with shopping for pre-planned purchases
  • Helps 55% to make the weekly shopping lists
  • Helps 66% to give ideas for gifts for others 20% of people use it for unintentional purchases, ideas for gifts
  • Drives 48% to a website

Access the full study here