The 2020 IPC Domestic E-Commerce Shopper Survey Pilot was based on 6,184 online shoppers in eight countries – Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, the UK and the US. The research took place in June and July 2020

This is the first time IPC has researched domestic e-commerce shopper behaviour. The methodology and questionnaire were developed in close cooperation and agreement with the market research experts of the eight participating posts.

The key benefits to postal operators from repeating this study in the future will be the significant cost savings to be derived from a common methodology, sharing of knowledge and best practice across the postal market research community and the benchmarking opportunity to compare markets at different stages of e-commerce maturity. In combination with the existing IPC Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey, this research provides significant insights into the preferences and experience of online shoppers.

Hopefully the findings of this pilot will encourage posts to take actions to improve their market share of e-commerce delivery, and to encourage them to fund future research in domestic markets through IPC.

COVID-19 trends

Domestic Survey

The survey included several questions on COVID-19, with key findings being:

  • 52% of consumers had bought more online from domestic e-retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic and 21% of consumers reported buying significantly more – this was the highest in Portugal and in the US
  • 27% of consumers had bought more groceries online during the COVID-19 pandemic and the biggest increase in online shopping for groceries was reported in the UK with 30% consumers buying more
  • 49% of consumers agreed that COVID-19 means that they will shop more online in future

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