Who is this service for

Launched in June 2017, this service is for international mail order companies who seek an inexpensive option for tracking and tracing small goods consignments up to 2 kg. E-Tracking Light works using a label with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifier) technology, which is activated before the consignment is mailed.

E-Tracking Light is a value-added service for international letters with PRIORITY franking in the large letter and maxi letter formats. To track consignments, you will need to affix an RFID radio label to the front of the envelope in addition to the franking and PRIORITY label. Visit www.swisspost.ch/e-tracking-light for more information. 

etracking light

How this service works

  • Affix the RFID label to the front of the envelope.
  • Before mailing, activate the RFID label. To do this, you need to enter the origin and destination country and the item identifier in the activation tool.
  • After activating the RFID label, you can hand in the consignment at the local post office or have it collected as usual.
  • Track the consignment online: Inform your customer of the item identifier and view the tracking details online at any time at www.swisspost.ch/track-consignments

The RFID label is registered automatically without any human intervention at the letter processing centres, where key tracking events are generated. The last signal from the RFID label is registered when entering the domestic sorting facility (or “domestic processing”) in the destination country.

You can view all tracking events at Swiss Post’s “Track consignments (Track & Trace)” online service. Note that the delivery is made without a delivery scan and without the signature of the recipient.

Countries covered

E-Tracking Light RFID labels are at this moment suitable for shipping to the following countries (and the network is under expansion):

etracking light map

*In Germany, this service is only possible for the format Large Letter


Click on the image below to access the Swiss Post website which includes the E-tracking Light video

etracking light video

Source: www.swisspost.ch/e-tracking-light