Global online sales of consumer goods grew by almost 20% in 2013, with double-digit growth expected to continue to 2018. Belgian national postal operator, bpost managed to take advantage of this growth as it recorded revenue growth of over 50% in parcels & express sector[1]. As a response to this development, bpost initiated a major reorganisation of its international division in 2014 in order to better serve the package distribution needs of the global e-Commerce marketplace. The new organisation markets its services worldwide under the brand name Landmark Global, a bpost company. Landmark Global, acquired by bpost in 2013, is a company with 10 years of expertise in managing various cross-border e-Commerce services, originally enabling e-Commerce between the US and Canada.

One of the key steps in this change, bpost’s CEO Koen Van Gerven said[2], “is the creation of a highly energised and entrepreneurial approach to the opportunities presented by global e-Commerce.” bpost's international presence aims at making it easier for foreign e-retailers, mainly from North America and Asia Pacific, to ship parcels to their Belgian and European customers. Landmark Global includes various facilities strategically located in the US, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, HongKong, Singapore and Australia to ensure cost efficient operations close to high-volume customers. Becoming one group is believed to ensure that the distribution facilities are better connected and a greater reach, efficiency and improved transit times are obtained.

Landmark Global aims at eradicating barriers and turning international into local while adhering to its customers’ brand standards and allowing them to focus on their core business. Belgian post’s international branch has the expertise, infrastructure, and operational capabilities to manage customers’ parcel shipments – it provides full labelling, manifesting, tracking, and EDI compliance and offers a variety of service levels, including both priority and economy delivery services.

The company’s plug-and-play integration technology gives customers access to more than 40 currencies and over 150 local payment methods to build trust and positively impact the conversion rate. Landmark Global’s services can also be integrated with customer’s delivery platform.

Landmark Global offers:

  • International parcel deliveries
  • e-Commerce solutions
  • International Mail delivery
  • Fulfilment services
  • Trade services
  • Returns management

Learn more from the video below or go to Landmark Global website.


[2] in an interview with Mail & Express Review, summer 2015 issue