While mail remains the industry’s largest segment, postal operators continue to pursue growth outside the core. As they invest in e-commerce logistics, broaden financial services and revitalise retail networks, posts are strengthening their positions in growth markets both at home and abroad.
GPIR 2018

Although it plays a vital role in connecting people, businesses and government across the globe, the postal industry is grappling with its greatest challenge yet: digital disruption.

On the one hand, the traditional core business of mail delivery is in decline as communications move online; on the other, the industry faces fierce competition in the rapidly-growing e-commerce parcel market. As a result, posts are shifting from state-owned monopolies to commercial companies, from mail dependency to diversified portfolios, from a well-charted history into a dynamic, uncertain future.

Despite these structural shifts, posts continue to sustain growth, generate profit and invest in tomorrow. On aggregate, total postal industry revenue reached €392.3bn in 2017, up €7.2bn on 2016 results. Mail revenue fell €3.2bn as structural volume declines were in part offset by price increases. Fuelled by e-commerce, parcels and logistics were the two engines of industry growth in 2017, up €9.0bn and €1.5bn respectively.

Meanwhile, posts continue to leverage their vast physical presence and dense networks as they innovate, improve and expand their business-to-consumer services. Many are teaming up with integrators, e-retailers and start-ups to further bolster e-commerce volumes. Others are introducing same-day shipping, offering real-time tracking and trialling drone, robot and car boot delivery.

Now in its tenth edition, the annual IPC Global Postal Industry Report has evolved considerably over the last decade. We’ve expanded its scope: with the addition of Vietnam Post and Ukrposhta (Ukraine) this year, the report now analyses 50 posts from Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and BRICS countries, as well as integrators UPS and FedEx.

We’ve broadened the analytical coverage: while continuing our detailed performance comparisons across posts, it now includes 72 charts tracking key market and industry trends. And with twelve deep-dive articles and a timeline of key events, we keep on top of industry news, hot topics and disruptive trends. Today, the report provides a more comprehensive view of the postal industry than ever before.

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