The IPC Statistical Database provides a comprehensive overview of key financial, operational, market and macroeconomic data for over 50 postal and logistics operators.

Statistical DatabaseThe IPC Statistical Database is an in-depth collection of financial and operational information from IPC members, key postal operators, integrators and logistics providers from Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. The database contains information from 2001 on each operator enabling IPC member executives to access and compare information on:

  • Consolidated revenue, costs, profitability, assets and liabilities, cash flow and key accounting ratios,  including business unit and geographical segmentation
  • Mail and parcel volumes, including domestic and international mail and parcels and express
  • Domestic and international consumer rates for letters, packets and parcels
  • Key metrics on human resources, retail network, customer satisfaction, quality performance and CO2 emissions
  • Country-specific economic and market variables including macroeconomic, demographic and international trade data as well as coverage of the financial, logistics, digital and advertising markets 
  • Key information on acquisitions and divestments 

Users can tailor data selections to their own needs and export data to Excel to create customised tables and charts. Data can be displayed in a range of currencies or using purchasing power parity (PPP) rates.

The IPC Statistical Database is a member-only service and is updated in line with the publication of operators' annual and interim reports. If you are an IPC member, click here to access the tool.