IPC Postal Regulatory Database Country Directory includes relevant, up-to-date regulatory information and descriptions of the postal regulatory environment in 59 countries.

2020 edition of the Postal Regulatory Database

IPC Postal Regulatory Database provides up-to-date, relevant information and descriptions of the postal regulatory environment in 59 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. The Regulatory Database is produced in collaboration with all posts covered by the report.

The 2020 edition of the Regulatory Database – which is already the 19th edition – presents an overview of the main postal legislative and regulatory changes occurring in the 58 participant countries. Some of the topics covered by the report include:

  • USO requirements
  • Reserved area
  • Price regulation
  • Postal legislation

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Click here to download the latest edition of the IPC Postal Regulatory Database. The report is available to participating member posts only.

Expanded scope

IPC is pleased to publish the 19th edition of the IPC Postal Regulatory Database, a unique instrument that provides up-to-date, detailed information and descriptions of the different postal regulatory frameworks in 59 countries worldwide. 

The IPC Postal Regulatory Database is a unique tool which aims to help postal operators better understand the current regulatory requirements which apply to posts in different markets. Due to the growing importance of cross-border e-commerce, we have updated this edition of our publication to include “cross-border regulations” and in the “legislation” section “relevant privacy laws or regulations” were added. 

The IPC Postal Regulatory Database is complemented by the IPC Regulatory Portal, through which users of this service can access a large range of regulatory resources online on 27 markets.

Regulatory frameworks throughout the markets analysed in this report have continued to evolve in the past year, striving to adapt to the rapid changes in the sector.

You can access the members-only 2020 IPC Regulatory Database here.

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