IPC Postal Regulatory Database Country Directory includes relevant, up-to-date regulatory information and descriptions of the postal regulatory environment in 51 countries.

Regulatory Database 2018

2018 edition of the Postal Regulatory Database

IPC Postal Regulatory Database provides up-to-date, relevant information and descriptions of the postal regulatory environment in 51 countries in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. The Regulatory Database is produced in collaboration with all posts covered by the report.

The 2018 edition of the Regulatory Database – which is already the 17th edition – presents an overview of the main postal legislative and regulatory changes occurring in the 51 participant countries. Some of the topics covered by the report include:

  • USO requirements
  • Reserved area
  • Price regulation
  • Postal legislation

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The postal sector is transforming

In today’s digital era, posts are going through a transformation marked by declining volumes of letter mail, booming e-commerce and new business models which directly compete with the posts’ last-mile presence.

Meanwhile, increasing packet and parcel volumes due to e-commerce offer both opportunities and operational challenges. The e-commerce delivery market is also becoming more competitive. Posts are taking some measures to address these challenges. 

Regulatory Authorities have set out to allow for more competition in the postal and e-commerce sector, but they also face the challenge of striking a balance between serving the population efficiently with postal services and conceding Universal Service Providers a reasonable opportunity to maintain a profitable commercial position. 

Key trends in postal regulation to adapt to new context

The IPC Postal Regulatory Database keeps track of the latest changing in postal regulation and legislation. Many changes – including the measures listed below – were implemented to adapt to new trends in the postal sector.

Under the 2015 Digital Single Market Strategy, the EU has set a series of measures that will soon have an impact on e-commerce and parcel delivery. EU bodies reached an agreement on a proposal for a regulation on cross-border parcel delivery services. This regulation is expected to become fully applicable in 2019. 

Moreover, a regulation to end unjustified geo-blocking is expected to enter into force before Christmas this year, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be fully applicable in May. VAT rules for e-commerce will also change in the EU, with the first implementations in 2019. 

Although the USO scope and the issues related to its provision vary greatly across countries, in many cases, keeping it sustainable has become a big issue for postal operators. Last year, the USO was modified or under revision in many countries, such as Finland, Norway, the United States, Ireland, France, Austria, Croatia and Denmark.

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