The IPC Annual Conference 2020 will take place on 28-29 May 2020 in Vienna, Austria and will focus on the future of the postal workforce in the era of digitalisation and artificial intelligence and the increased competition from low-cost delivery providers.

The future of the postal workforce will be the topic for IPC Annual Conference of 2020. In an era of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and increasing competition from low-cost delivery providers, the conference will explore the vision for technology in collection and sortation, along with the implications for the future postal workforce in delivery.

Postal operators are optimising their letter, packet and parcel delivery businesses and are faced with the dilemma of cutting operational costs by reducing the frequency of delivery, at a time when retailers are demanding faster and more frequent deliveries to consumers. The conference will explore how CEOs can reconcile the conflicting drivers of declining letter volumes, increasing delivery points, and the continued growth of packet and parcel volumes.

In the first half of the conference our keynote speaker, Pierre Igou, Chairman and CEO of Solystic will outline his vision on how artificial intelligence and robotics can drive sortation efficiency and cost-reduction, through the automation of combined letter and parcel item processing, and route delivery optimisation. He will then join in a debate with a panel of CEOs from the IPC membership who will discuss the implications and benefits from new technologies and the steps they have taken to maximise sortation efficiency and to optimise their networks.

In the second half of the conference, keynote speaker, Professor Joeri Hofmans, Vrije Universiteit Brussel will present on how a data-driven approach to managing corporate culture can deliver substantial labour cost savings. He will then join a second panel of CEOs from the IPC membership who will present their vision for the future postal workforce in delivery. They will be asked to share their experiences on the challenge of introducing new working practices to an aging workforce in a labour intensive and highly unionised workforce. The panel will also be asked their view on how the postal sector can recruit and retain the postal workforce of the future in an increasingly competitive labour market.

Speakers and attendees

The IPC Annual Conference brings together leading postal chief executives from America, Asia Pacific and Europe to discuss strategic developments in global logistics. Attendance at this high-level conference is by invitation only, and is open to postal CEOs accompanied by one or two senior executives.

Why attend?

  • Attended by more than 20 chief executives in the postal industry
  • More than 70 senior executives have attended from over 20 posts from America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Keynote speakers from leading global players (previous conferences have included CEOs and senior executives from Amazon, Alibaba Group, eBay, Tmall, Rakuten, UNFCCC and WBCSD)


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