IPC has joined forces with over 30 posts across the globe to develop a seamless e-Commerce delivery network, called INTERCONNECT. This network aims at creating the best conditions for e-shoppers and SMEs to shop and sell online internationally and for posts to fully benefit from cross-border e-Commerce growth.


Postal tracking tools

You ordered something online or sent something abroad and you want to know where it is? Most posts have tracking tools to find out where your shipment currently is.


IPC Global Postal Industry Report

A trusted source on developments in the postal industry worldwide. The report is released each year and provides postal stakeholders with a comprehensive and in-depth review of industry performance and trends.


IPC's e-commerce solutions

IPC has developed a wide range of cross-border e-commerce solutions for its members: easy returns for cross-border e-commerce goods, tracking, harmonised labelling, seamless customs processes, delivery options, a global customer service system.


Case studies

Get inspiration from the best integrated direct marketing case studies from around the world and across industries.