IPC Global Customer Service System (GCSS)

The GCSS is a web-based application enabling the exchange of inquiries between posts’ customer service departments. It contains a formalised workflow based on competitive response targets, with focus on proper data provision and conclusive replies, and various tools to pro-actively communicate information on item and query status. 

The IPC Customer Service System features, among other functionalities:

  • User-friendly message listing and alerting modules
  • Full tracking tool (on item and international transport level)
  • Automatic inclusion of the latest tracking information in inquiries
  • Various reference pages
  • An interface with call centres' local systems (e.g. CRM)
  • A variety of performance reports
  • Provision of item-related documentation

The IPC Global Customer Service System allows data analysis and reporting functionalities with the Business Intelligence tool. The Business Intelligence tool is open to all participant countries in the IPC INTERCONNECT network. Its main functionalities include dashboards, used to give a high level overview of the performance of call centres and reporting capabilities. There are two type of reports: predefined reports, which give an overview on issues such as on time performance, workflow, requests and response times, and custom reports that users can generate themselves to analyse a wide range of parameters from the GCSS database.

On top of the above, the user can benefit from the following more detailed features:

  • Inquiries are clearly listed in folders, allowing call centre agents to prioritise their work according to agreed workflows and response times.
  • Various alerts draw immediate attention to new inquiries, urgent inquiries, updated tracking information and approaching response times.
  • The latest tracking information on item level and international transport level (i.e. CAPE) is available both via a dedicated separate tracking option and embedded in the actual inquiries.
  • Upon request the GCSS can be interfaced with call centres' local systems (e.g. CRM). This is a significant time saving feature, avoiding duplicate data entry.
  • A variety of performance reports (e.g. on-time responses, resolution rates, call centre workload) is issued on a monthly basis.

IPC Customer Service Content Management System

Agents and managers who are working with the INTERCONNECT GCSS can access a comprehensive description of the Customer Service best practices. A description of all procedures related with the Quality element of Customer Service is therefore included, as well as links to relevant websites or documents, definitions of the key words, detailed annexes and a section of questions and answers concerning customer service systems and quality assurance.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Global Customer Service System Helpdesk: helpdesk@ipc.be