Knowledge Centre

IPC’s programmes help postal operators defend existing businesses and expand into growth areas. IPC offers its members insight into market and regulatory developments and provides a framework for networking and knowledge sharing. Our sustainability programme aims to reduce the postal sector’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.


Direct marketing is a key focus area for IPC in defending the core business of postal operators. To support this business, IPC provides research, analysis, case studies and a direct marketing online community for postal professionals.


Direct Mail Guide 2016

The IPC Direct Mail Guide provides an industry-wide overview of mail advertising, its advantages and ways to leverage it for best results. The publication was created in collaboration with IPC members and is publically available.


Research and analysis

In the area of direct marketing, IPC provides research and benchmark analysis on the market and an extensive collection of cross-channel case studies.

Case studies

Get inspiration from the best integrated direct marketing case studies from around the world and across industries.