Greenwashing is a serious danger to the paper-related industry - says Two Sides, a not-for-profit, global initiative promoting the unique sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper packaging.

If left unchallenged, greenwashing threatens the loss of £22.4 million of value annually for the paper, print and mailing industry in the UK, (€337 million in Europe - including the UK).

A research project was conducted at the beginning of 2021, in partnership with consumer research organisation Censuswide, which examined:

  • The reach and impact of Greenwashing on consumer behaviour.
  • The financial impact upon the paper, print and mailing industry as a result of Greenwashing.
  • The volume and value of preserved print, paper and postage as a result of the Two Sides Anti-Greenwash campaign.
  • The potential for further preservation of volumes and value if the current Two Sides success rate to stop Greenwash is improved and extended to more countries.

Greenwash poses a significant threat to an industry that employs in the UK, 116,000 people (1,096,000 EU), in more than 8,400 businesses (115,700 EU).

Two Sides have put together a fact sheet that explores the damaging financial impact of greenwash on the paper, print and mailing industry, including the value preserved by the Anti-Greenwash campaign and how much of value is at risk annually from Greenwashing messages.