The RFID Receptacle Tracking service aims to improve the quality of postal processes for both road and air transport at critical hand-over points within the Leg 2 sub-stretch of the postal pipeline. It is mainly used to increase Leg 2 visibility and complement receptacle tracking barcoding activity at crucial points in postal operations. To achieve this, the service provides participating posts with additional visibility (RFID data and tracking events) within leg 2 for individual receptacles that are being despatched.

How does it work?

The RFID Receptacle Tracking Service uses the available RFID infrastructure in the postal operational facilities to track the journey of a specific receptacle from origin OE to destination OE by attaching a RFID tag to the physical receptacle and by linking this RFID tag to the S9 operational code for the receptacle.

• From the tag attached to the receptacle, the RFID reads will be captured by the RFID antennas at critical points in the postal operators’ facilities
• The registrations of the tag will be transformed into usable business tracking events
• Business tracking events are provided to the posts via automated tools via the unique S9 operational code

To cater for different postal operations and offer the post the possibility to start tracking from e-seller warehouses or sorting centres, two different methods are offered for RFID Receptacle Tracking:

1. Tag is “embedded in” the S9 operational label to be attached to the receptacle: this is called the “S9 solution”; an RFID printer in the postal facility generates the S9 label with the RFID tag included or embedded in the S9 label sticker to be attached to the receptacle;
2. Tag is “attached to” the S9 label as an additional sticker on the back of the label: this is called the “RTE solution”; a tracking tag is physically attached to the S9 label on the receptacle and associated to the barcode of the S9 label via a scanner; this solution can be applied outside of the outbound OE and allow for a tracking from the e-seller warehouse and provide visibility of domestic handling of the pre-sorted receptacles.

RFID Receptacle Tracking Services include for the participating posts:

Customer Support:

Post specific IT tools and applications for tracking receptacles;
Specific support and assistance for posts to monitor data obtained from the critical points in their operations;
Design, set-up and run pilots for new flows or customised solutions;
Design and run post specific tracking solutions for posts using the RFID infrastructure within the postal network. 


RFID Vision: online analytical and reporting tool enabling the postal experts to monitor and evaluate the performance of the service via the agreed KPIs; IPC also uses this tool to monitor overall performance and progress for the actions agreed by the group and individual postal operators;

Monthly reporting:
• An overview of all RFID events by postal operators as well as breakdown per outbound and inbound post to improve RFID read rate levels with posts. Comparing the events generated by the barcode scanning of the inbound postal operator with
the events collected from the Receptacle Tracking tags to enable the outbound post to monitor true arrival times and also complete data sets in case of missing barcode scanning data.

RFID Receptacle Tracking Service User Group:
• Postal operators participating in the service meet at least four times per year to discuss the status of the service, progress made on specific topic and follow-up on specific RFID tracking related aspects. For postal operators interested to join the RFID Receptacle Tracking Service, IPC runs a special programme that enables postal experts from these posts to fully use the full potential of the service.

For postal operators interested to join the RFID Receptacle Tracking Service, IPC runs a special programme that enables postal experts from these posts to fully use the full potential of the service.

Customised tracking solutions

As postal operations’ setup and implementation are always different for each postal operator, RFID Receptacle Tracking allows for customisation to make sure that the specific aspects are captured and reflected correctly with the appropriate tracking events. IPC has developed specific tracking solutions based on postal operational needs and requirements.

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