Operational benefits
• RFID is an auto-tracking solution so no manual scanning or additional operational activities required to obtain the business operational events; 
• Capturing actual arrival times in transit locations and destination facilities automatically regardless of staff availability or ability to scan upon arrival  and thus providing objective data in from the floor.
• Extra information for route managers which can be used in discussions with partners 
• Increase visibility on leg 2 operations and monitor critical hand-overs and sub-stretches within leg 2 processes with automatic, detailed and continuous data
• Enrich data available from barcode scanning for operational monitoring of transits and hand-overs
• Monitor performance of transit operations under posts responsibility and as such gain better quality and stability in leg 2 operations 
• Obtain 100% coverage of arrival time by combining the manual barcode scanning with RFID data from the same facility and hand-over location
• Monitor effectiveness of receptacle operations by analysing of mis-routings; 
• RFID detailed information will allow for root cause analyses in case of operational issues or bottlenecks identified within the postal facilities;
• RFID solutions can be tailored to support specific steps within postal operations; IPC designs and implement tailored made tracking solutions based on RFID to match the postal operator’s setup and processes.

Commercial benefits:
• Return on Investment for existing RFID network infrastructure: No investment needed to implement a new RFID based service within the post; 
•Speed of roll-out and implementation: IPC tracking solutions are fully implemented by IPC and ready to use;
• RFID Receptacle Tracking can be included in existing services to major volume customers as as “add-on” service to the existing contracts providing transparency but also solidifying the customer relationship with the post 

• Direct and automated monitoring of actual departure and arrival times provides accurate information to control 3rd party  carriers and logistics subcontractors (e.g. contractual obligations and penalties) leading to overall efficiencies

Cost savings:
• RFID Tracking is automated solution and could thus replace manual barcoding and generate EDI messages (where infrastructure and business rules allow) for specific postal operator settings;
• Possibility to incorporate customer warehousing events and/or e-seller pre-sorting activities in RFID tracking, providing an extra service to large volume customers (for pre-sorted bags);
• RFID tracking solutions allows integration with other operational solutions and technologies; 
Posts looking for more information or wishing a discussion on the possibilities with RFID Receptacle Tracking for their postal operations can contact the IPC RFID Tracking team at [email protected]