Created in 1996, the E Parcel Group (EPG) is made up of 27 European postal operators, and is focused on providing a reliable quality of service for priority parcels through an integrated delivery network. The Group chose IPC to centrally manage its business plan, monthly performance monitoring and reporting, and payments reports.

Since December 2021, all EPG traffic has been taken over by INTERCONNECT. Read more about the new agreement, here. 


IPC’s service to EPG

  • Project management and development: IPC oversees adherence to the terms of the multilateral contracts signed by the EPG partners and manages the change process for enhancement. IPC supports the Group by implementing solutions, changes, action plans when needed, and in following up on performance and volume trends, as well as on the status of the network. The EPG projects are agreed by the Group and lead by IPC with the full support of participating posts.
  • Item Monitoring services: IPC’s Item Monitoring Services provide monthly performance reports, which the Group uses to determine performance against agreed standards and to calculate the level of intra-group payments due. These reports are expanded with special files listing all items’ details for data analysis and the level of service performance the postal operator provided.
  • Payment reports: IPC sends a monthly payment report to all EPG project managers and accountants allowing for a quick and simple invoicing system. The reports provide performance results and show items which are subject to the agreed penalty system, in case the standards have not been met. IPC’s payment reports make it easy to invoice operators and verify invoices received from them.
  • Operations network support: IPC monitors the transport network used by EPG to ensure that it is operating efficiently. IPC reports irregularities and provides platforms for discussion that address network improvements at a local level.
  • Customer service: The IPC Global Customer Service System links all operators’ customer service call centres, allowing them to promptly and efficiently handle customer inquiries.
  • EPG Help Desk: Both the EPG Team and the Help Desk service are available during IPC business hours to answer information technology, operations and customer service related questions to prevent and solve issues. As quality of service is constantly monitored by IPC, the EPG operators are provided with relevant data to analyse, allowing them to solve problems and improve quality whenever needed.
  • A dedicated tool for easy accounting has been provided to all operators, creating in few minutes all monthly invoices, based on specific rates and on the achievement of performance targets. The invoices are then immediately sent to the other operator.

Benefits of IPC's service 

  • All EPG parcels are tracked at key points in the process and can be traced via the operator’s website at any time or via IPC STORM (Single Tool for Online Reporting and Monitoring).
  • Payment system among members based on service performance.
  • All EPG items rely on the IPC Global Customer Service System to enhance communication between customer service centres and ensure a fast reply to enquiries about the status of international tracked parcels. This automated customer service system links postal operator’s call centres, ensures ongoing support service for their customers and measures the responsiveness to any inquiry submitted with the aim to continuously improve their service.
  • A successful multilateral agreement, centrally managed by IPC, leading to operational and technology cost effective solutions and standardisation.
  • Solutions based on best practice and customers’ needs, developed with members and IPC expertise and cooperation.
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and data analysis through regular meetings and IPC management support to identify potential areas for improvement and investment.
  • EPG members have the opportunity to offer the reverse logistic solution to their customer for their e-commerce products, via the Easy Return Solution (ERS).

More information

To find out more about EPG, contact us via e-mail at: [email protected] or [email protected].