Emission reduction plan helps Correos save €2.5m

Correos has certainly delivered on the IPC goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2020. The Spanish company hit the target eight years early after extending and revising its Master Plan on Energy Efficiency (MPEE, PDEE in Spanish).

Correos was already monitoring its 200 most power-consuming premises each month, as part of a programme to reduce both environmental impact and power cost. But the new 2014 MPEE includes 27 measures to further rationalise Correos’ use of energy. It combines some monitoring measures, such as the telemetry system test in 37 centres, and the creation of a database of energy consumption for more than 3,000 working centres. Correos has also teamed up with the Spanish Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) to build staff awareness around energy management, and is even assessing the energy efficiency possibilities of using drones.

Correos is also reaping financial benefits from its low carbon efforts. In the last five years, the efficiency measures Correos has introduced have reduced power consumption by 22.3m kWh, saving the company more than €2.5m. This has also avoided the emission of 3,593 tonnes of CO2 emissions, while a 16% increase in green electricity use has helped to almost halve Scope 2 emissions.
Correos has now set a new challenge to reduce emissions by another 15%, aiming for a 35% reduction in 2020.

Meanwhile, as part of the company’s Green Power Purchase Plan it has committed to buying gradually increasing volumes of renewable electricity until half of the company’s power is derived from clean sources.