Belgium's bpost leads the way on sustainable mobility

A commitment to deliver eco-friendly products and services remains a critical part of bpost’s environmental sustainability strategy. The Belgian postal operator boasts one of the country’s largest delivery fleets, comprising 6,546 vans, 1,803 mopeds, 401 trucks, 2,923 bicycles, 2,541 electric bicycles and 12 electric  three-wheelers. In 2015, this fleet accounted for almost 77% of bpost’s direct carbon footprint. 

As part of its efforts to minimise emissions, bpost has introduced a number of e-bikes into its delivery fleet, as it seeks to replace a significant proportion of the mopeds it currently has in operation. If current trials prove successful, the next stage in upgrading bpost’s vehicle fleet will see the replacement of vans with electric three-wheelers. 

bpost continues to provide eco-driving courses to its van drivers. In total, this saves thousands of litres of fuel annually. The postal fuel consumption. Owing to the success of this scheme, it has remained in place to this day, with the winning team in 2014 qualifying for the IPC Drivers’ Challenge, held in Finland in March 2015. 

With a workforce of almost 30,000 people, bpost is also faced with a mobility challenge, particularly with regard to the daily commute. Therefore, a carpooling solution ( was launched in 2015 to encourage co-workers to share their ride.