Correos develops an environmental impact calculator

As part of its wider 2014-2020 Efficiency and Sustainability Plan, Correos has developed an Environmental Impact Calculator to help its employees and customers better understand the environmental impacts of the Spanish postal operator’s products and services.

Using a life-cycle analysis (LCA) approach, Correos measures the potential environmental impact of its packages and shipments by analysing the origin, destination, weight, type of packaging and methods of delivery. This analysis represents a key step in achieving Correos’ longstanding goal of carbon neutral shipping. In addition to implementing its innovative Environmental Impact  Calculator, Correos is making further strides in reducing its carbon footprint on a number of other fronts. The postal operator is running more and more of its operations on renewable energy; it continues to introduce more electric vehicles into its delivery fleet; many postal rounds have been and continue to be ‘re-routed’ to help cut unnecessary emissions; and a growing percentage of Correos’ workforce are regularly taking part in ‘green’ awareness training initiatives.

Collectively, these measures have helped Correos take considerable strides in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and meet its environmental performance targets for 2020.