Installation of new LED lighting helps trim Deutsche Post DHL Group's carbon footprint

Following a detailed review of the cost and commercial viability of LED lighting, Deutsche Post DHL Group is now committed to rolling out this technology across its offices, and industrial and retail buildings in Germany. 

Following the maturation of LED lighting technology, Deutsche Post DHL Group started implementing this low carbon solution in its buildings in 2015. In that year the Group began installing LED lighting across its property portfolio, replacing existing lighting systems in operational areas with LED lighting controlled by sensors and timers. 

Switching from filament to LED lighting will deliver an estimated energy saving of 80-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional bulbs. This lighting source is also 100% recyclable and contains no toxic materials, further reducing its environmental impact.

As part of this initiative, Deutsche Post DHL Group installed LED lighting at eight mail sorting centres across Germany in 2015, representing a combined area of 100,000 m². Additional installation of LED lighting is set to continue throughout 2016, helping the Group accelerate its transition to a low carbon operating model.