Poste Italiane employees gear up for eco-driving techniques

As part of its Mobility Management programme, Poste Italiane will in 2016 launch the Eco-Driving Pills project: an awareness raising initiative designed to encourage the postal operator’s workforce to utilise more sustainable transport options and adopt eco-driving techniques.

Delivered via video, the training will be made available to all Poste Italiane personnel through the company’s intranet portal. Participation in this programme will provide employees with a better awareness of environmental protection and sustainable mobility solutions in urban areas and the associated financial savings.

Based upon an internal analysis of employee commuting, eco-driving techniques may be applicable to 65% of Poste Italiane’s workforce. This suggests that the initiative holds the potential to significantly reduce both air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Italian postal operator estimates that educating its employees on eco-driving techniques can achieve reductions in fuel consumption by up to 15%, as well as trimming associated emissions of CO2, NOX and PM10.

Furthermore, research has demonstrated that greater awareness of eco-driving positively impacts on long term behaviour. Initial results from Poste Italiane’s Eco-Driving Pills training programme indicate that fuel consumption and associated carbon emissions decreased by an average of 6% over 30 days.