PostNL rolls out electric delivery bikes across Amsterdam

In June 2017, PostNL began delivering small parcels across Amsterdam using electric-powered delivery bikes, instead of diesel-powered vans. The aim of this initiative is to reduce CO2 emissions and costs associated with delivery vans, as well as to help to reduce the negative impacts associated with innercity traffic congestion (including delays, noise, reduced parking availability and air pollution). So far, 60 electric delivery bikes have been put into service in Amsterdam, replacing 100 delivery routes that were undertaken by vans. If the Amsterdam project is successful, PostNL plans to implement it across more large cities across the Netherlands.

PostNL estimates that delivering mail by using electric delivery bikes will reduce CO2 emissions by 310 kg per route per year compared to delivery by diesel van. Across Amsterdam, this represents a reduction of 31 tonnes of CO2 per year in total.

There are also significant financial benefits expected with this initiative, with the cost of using electric delivery bikes estimated to be 15% cheaper than using a delivery van. This includes lease costs, maintenance, fuel and labour costs.

The initiative has been received positively by members of the community in Amsterdam, many of whom welcome the desire to reduce inner-city pollution and traffic congestion.